Measure and evaluate your most important resources.

CapacityInsight: comprehensive capacity measurement and analysis
in the 21st century.
You can get a clear picture of your human and material capacities.














  • How much time do certain processes and products consume?

  • Which activities bound the most capacity?

  • How does capacity utilization vary periodically?

  • What is the real capacity utilization of business units?

  • How much additional capacity is required to introduce new products, processes or IT systems?

  • How much headcount is required to achieve targets?

  • What is the relation between available and utilitized capacity?

  • What are the differences between time norms of activities executed by different units?


JUST A TABLET AND SOME TAPS - everything else is our turn.

Your colleagues receive mobile devices so that they can measure the time spent on their tasks and input new indicators.

Our solution is mobile and customizable: any type of work process can be measured with it anytime and anywhere, even during travelling. Thanks to online data collecting processes can be followed and monitored real-time if needed.

On completion of measurement the recorded data is processed and analysed.

Recommended to every manager responsible for human and material resources. Our solution is customized according to the characteristics of the activities and the aims of the measurement.

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With CapacityInsight

  • you can follow work process - in real time

  • you can define non-value adding activities numerically

  • you can receive predictive and statistical analysis

  • you can optimize your processes

  • you can devote your capacities to what you really need
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Application based activity measurement

Mobile compatibility

Input of accessory data

Real-Time monitoring

Collecting related financial
and non-financial data
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We have the competence required for the task.

Our experts of the required industry and functional competence are at your disposal.

For example in need of the following services:

  • Data cleaning
  • Measurement based capacity analysis
  • Statistics based standards calculation
  • Standards based capacity modelling
  • Activity based cost calculation
  • Secure historical data storage

&MORE / Reporting

Visual dashboard interfaces
Regular analytic reports
Ad-hoc reports
Reporting solutions fitting into existing IT environment



We provide you with not only a mobile application but an expert team as well.

IFUA Horváth & Partners is the Hungarian member of Horváth & Partners consultancy headquartered in Stuttgart. Our independent international management consultancy employs more than 600 highly qualified employees in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We are experts of corporate performance management and performance optimization either for the company as a whole or for a business or professional field like strategy, innovation, structure, sales, operation, procurement, controlling, finance or IT. The largest German enterprises and top Hungarian companies are among our customers.

We are at home in every sector.


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